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We have made it our mission to source innovative medical devices from around the globe and make them available to clinicians and patients throughout EMEA. One of the main advantages of being a truly independent company is that we are not tied to the R&D of one single entity. We can, and do, devote our efforts into finding and promoting innovative, minimally invasive devices which we believe will benefit the clinical community as well as patients. 

Exablate 2000™ - an MRI based focussed Ultrasound system designed for the treatment /care of cancer in: uterine fibroids and palliative bone mets. With active research: liver, prostate, breast and brain.

TargetScan Touch™ - a template guided prostate biopsy system using a motionless US probe for prostate mapping and use in brachytherapy and cryotherapy. Available as both capital purchase and serviced mobile system

Xoft  - Axxent electronic brachytherapy System™  An extremely versatible compact system and a completely environmentally clean alternative to typical radioactive sources (Ir-192) for gynae, breast and surface and IORT brachytherapy.

Fiducial Gold Seed Markers - From Mick Radio Nuclear

LDR Prostate brachytherpy packages - full package of requirements to operate a I-125 brachytherapy program. Available as both capital purchase and mobile hire system.